The Hangover

The cold got worse. By the time they started boarding the Lufthansa flight to Munich, I was nearing desperation. Looking forward to a few hours of sleep (it was, after all, 2:30 in the morning!), I collapsed on my comfortable seat with a blanket... and kicked off a coughing fit that lasted several minutes. Followed quickly by another. I felt terrible for my seatmate, who smiled kindly and made a "don't worry about it" gesture when I tried to apologize between coughs. If I were him I'd have asked for a hazmat suit.

In the end, I didn't sleep at all. Coughing incessantly, I was at least happy to see I wasn't keep anyone else awake in the cabin (coughing into a thick comforter does wonders for muffling the sound!). By the time we landed in Munich I was literally stumbling out of the plane.

Lucky for me, the long layover allowed me to locate an airport pharmacy. I will reproduce the dialogue:

Me: I'm desperate. Can you give me something to stop the coughing so I can get some sleep?

Pharmacist: Here's some cough syrup. Take 50ml but wait until you board because it will make you drowsy.

After boarding (but still on the ground) I went to the lavatory and puzzled over the bottle of cough syrup. One plastic cup was 25ml. Did she really mean for me to take two full cups? Or did she mean 15ml? She spoke good English, though...

It should be a measure of my desperation that I went ahead and chugged two full little cups of cough syrup. I don't even remember take off. Sometime half way through that flight I woke up and felt drunk. As in college-level, full bender drunk. Afraid to even walk to the lavatory drunk. I passed out again soon after that and didn't wake up again until arrival.

The hangover from that cough syrup stayed with me for hours. Blinding headache, upset stomach, the works.

Yeah, I think she meant 15ml.