Can I just go home?

Work is done and bags are packed. My cold is still awful, but I'm heading home tonight. My own bed, pillow, some NyQuil, and all will be right with the world. That is, except for the tiny issue of Pakistan.

The Pakistan-India conflict that flared up a couple of weeks ago resulted in Pakistan closing its airspace to flights to and from India. It caused a minor inconvenience on the way here, but it's more like a catastrophe for the journey home. It all started with a notification that my original return flight on Air Canada (DEL-YYZ) would now have a 20-hour duration instead of 14 hours. The detour around Pakistan was forcing that flight to stop in Copenhagen for refueling. I called United and they offered a better option on their own aircraft, DEL-EWR with a one-hour refueling stop in Frankfurt. Less than 10 minutes after that ticket was issued, I received a text message that DEL-EWR had been canceled. Called United again and was told flights were being canceled left and right due to congestion on the few air routes still open out of India. My last option was Lufthansa to MUC, connecting to IAD. Perfect, even though it has a 2:50am departure time. I just want to go home.