Tradition strikes again

I always get sick in India. Period.

The first time it was severe err.. gastrointestinal issues.

The second time it was respiratory infection... and tuberculosis.

This time it's just a garden-variety cold, but still miserable. My throat is on fire and I just know I won't be able to get any sleep. So along with my room service grilled vegetable sandwich I ordered a cup of white vinegar and a bottle of salt. It's a failsafe way to kill every germ in my throat, at the expense of my poor gastritis-prone stomach. I would love to be able to read the mind of the woman who took my order.

After a few minutes to gather some courage, I downed a good 1/4 cup of vinegar laced with salt. Then I spent the following hour cursing and clutching my belly. Sadly, it appears that vinegar in India isn't as powerful as the cheap white vinegar from home I use for this purpose. My throat is better, but still sore. I may have to try again tomorrow. Need a few hours to forget the side effects.