Scenes of EWR

My timing is, as usual, impeccable. When I booked this trip to India all was quiet on the eastern front. Just a few days before departure, tensions escalated between India and Pakistan and, as a result, Pakistan closed its airspace. The day before leaving, I received a cryptic message from United, citing "airspace issues" that would likely result in delays and cancelations. To be safer than sorry I changed my flights to the following day.

Minutes after the rebooking, another message from United. This time, it was an approaching storm that promised to delay domestic flights and perhaps cause me to miss the evening flight from Newark to Delhi. My only option? An early domestic flight with a side of 12-hour layover. I've been to Newark airport many times in my life, and could have done without this one, but off I went.

There are always interesting scenes at every airport. One of my favorites was a woman in the immigration line in Bogota, dressed head-to-toe in Chanel (minimum $20,000 outfit and shoes, not counting accessories) wearing plastic foam rollers in her hair. But I digress. The scene in Newark was a grown man walking around Terminal C....BAREFOOT. Yuck. Not a hobbit, not a child, not at a beach bar. I just don't understand people.

On the plus side, the Polaris lounge is very nice and served a wonderful a la carte lunch. A+ on the decor, food options, and the "sleeping pods" where I was able to catch a nice one-hour nap. Even then, twelve hours is a bitch.