Hello India

It’s a few years since my last visit to India (when I suspect my souvenir was the great tuberculosis catastrophe of 2014). It has been a lot longer since my very first visit, which very nearly ended with a medevac for severe food poisoning. So it should be no surprise that I treat India trips with the same caution one would use to negotiate with a wild tiger.

The journey itself was uneventful, if typically tiring. Landing late in the evening can be wonderful since going to sleep right away helps to adjust to the most bizarre time difference in the world (currently 9.5 hours from home). Unfortunately I was already tired by the time the 15-hour flight left Newark and slept a full eight hours on the plane, almost a personal record. I am now fully awake in the middle of the night. With a punishing work schedule ahead it’s adapt or die. Bring on the caffeine.