I've been in Brisbane for 10 days now. This is only my second visit, but they were both extended visits and the city isn't very big, so I've become pretty familiar with my surroundings. Last time I was here in June and the weather was warmer than expected, but still mild-ish. There isn't much of that going on in February. It's hot and humid, and only the strong wind makes it somewhat tolerable.

This time I've tried to keep US hours, working during the night and sleeping during the day (when the high temperatures discourage me from walking around anyway). Unfortunately, what seemed like such a great idea back home has turned out not so great after all. I'm tired at night, wide awake during the day, with occasional wide-awake nights and sleepy days. I just never know from one day to the next what it will be. And the confusion has had unfortunate consequences, ranging from mild headaches to missed meals and upset stomach. Lesson from this trip? I'm not a nocturnal animal and cannot turn into one.

Other interesting things about Brisbane:

If you don't have a tattoo (my case), you will feel immediately out of place here. Even young teenagers have multiple tattoos.

There is a new Brazilian cafe a couple of blocks from my apartment in the CBD. Authentic, wonderful Brazilian food. If I can drag myself out during the day, I'm camping there.

The German restaurant Munich South Bank had very entertaining live music for lunch yesterday. Note: the "sausage sampler for one" can feed 3 people, 2 if they are sumo wrestlers.

There is a beautiful hand carved pagoda somewhat hidden in the South Bank park. It was part of the World Expo in 1988 and Brisbane successfully bid for it afterwards. It took two years for an unbelievable number of Nepalese artists to create this beauty. Worth a visit.