Egypt Day 7: Luxor and Karnak

Today is the last day of this wonderful Nile cruise. The St. George is still docked in Luxor while our little group (minus our Canadian friends who departed early this morning) headed to Karnak. The temple has lost a tiny bit of its magic in the sunlight, but it is still the most impressive site of my entire Egyptian journey. Daddy presented us with beautiful little blue scarabs yesterday, and in exchange we gave him a signed photo of the group taken at Luxor Temple.

Although I missed part of the background story on this fascinating carving at Luxor Temple, I can report that it is in fact a fertility myth; that the depiction indeed includes a god's erect penis (which Daddy called "wallet"; and that, inexplicably, ancient Egyptians knew exactly what sperm looks like, even though there was no such thing as a microscope back then. Remarkable.

Just like that, our time together as a group was ended. Some of us are going back to Cairo, and some are relocating to Luxor hotels. Our farewell made me question why I've been so averse to tour groups.

Medhat "Daddy" gave me an Egyptian flag pin for my collection. I gave him my hat, which is apparently hard to find and very expensive in Egypt. We exchange promises to reunite on my next trip to Egypt, which I hope will come soon. And then it was time to say goodbye to the St. George and its wonderful staff, and catch the flight to Cairo.

I'll head home on a very early flight tomorrow. There is no time left on this adventure.

Shukraan, Egypt.