Egypt, here I come!

I've been keeping this trip a secret so I wouldn't jinx it. It's happening!! I will leave for Cairo in the next few days, and - the best part - the trip also includes a fabulous Nile river cruise. I'm going full Agatha Christie on this one (minus the murder, hopefully).

Egypt has been on my wish list since I was old enough to want to travel anywhere. I'm super excited to cross this item off my bucket list, and finally visit a country I haven't already been to (it's been a while), and one where I don't know a single person (it's been a VERY long time).

My preparations have included:

- buying hiking sandals, which for some odd reason I've never owned

- digging up a hat (I look ridiculous in it)

- stocking up on Imodium and probiotics

- getting copies of doctor's prescriptions for my meds

Packing was an adventure in itself. I realized how few clothes I own that are cool enough for 100 degrees (forecast is high of 105 in Luxor) and yet cover shoulders, chest and knees, and are not business attire. All of my recent trips to the Middle East have been for work, and I didn't leave the cities. This one will involve sand. And rocks. And more sand.

My adventure begins in Cairo. Can you guess where I will run off to every day?