Cacti, Pretzels and Jukebox

France, Day 1. Flight to Brussels was uneventful and landed almost an hour early, immigration took less than 5 minutes. Then I remembered the travel law that says that when something seems too good to be true, something else will go wrong to balance it out. Gain an hour by landing early, wait forever for luggage. It must happen often because BRU is the only airport I’ve ever seen with a free jukebox in the luggage caroussel area. My 30-minute wait included Disco Inferno, Love Hurts, and some Johnny Cash. Even after the luggage delay still came out ahead, and was able to board an earlier train to Paris. Arrived in town two hours early (yay), but see travel law above. Hotel room not ready. Walked around for hours and ended up at Galleries Lafayette (of course). First WTF moment of the trip didn’t take long: why are there inflatable cacti and pretzels floating up and down in the Christmas decorations?