Irish Hiking Surprise

What was supposed to be a quick hike using the AllTrails app turned into almost 4 hours of alternating good and bad surprises. First, cell phone signal is practically non-existent here, which caused me to wander around and take a couple of wrong turns while looking for the beginning of the trail. I never actually found it. Instead, I trespassed on private property (oops), climbed a hill covered in thorny vines, fallen branches and other unfriendly vegetation, almost fell on broken window glass that was inexplicably camouflaging in the middle of the woods, and found myself walking for an hour on a paved road instead of the nature trail I'd anticipated.

The bad was quickly forgotten when I came across this gem... ruins of a small castle overlooking a stunning bay. The best part was the arrival of the man who owns the land, and his generosity sharing the history of the place (which included the fact that a previous owner lost it in a card game). Sadly, I may be one of the last uninvited guests to see it; the entire property will be walled in to comply with demands from his insurance company.