Hunger Games for Hiking Boots

My old (but barely worn) Vasque hiking boots fell apart in Tasmania, triggering an immediate need for replacement in time for my upcoming Ireland trip.

What should have been an easy item to cross off my list has turned into an excruciating process. Three stores and at least a dozen candidates later I was no closer to a pair of boots to call my own.

My Hail Mary pass was Amazon. Thanks to free returns, I was able to order six different pairs and eliminate almost all of them. Last pair standing is the Salomon X Ultra Trek GTX, a handsome hybrid of hiking and backpacking boots. They are comfortable, sturdy, and also entirely the wrong size.

Come on people, how hard can this be? My Vasque hiking boots are US size 7M. That means 37 European right? Wrong. According to Salomon, 7 US means 38 2/3 European. Wait, what???

According to Vasque, a size 7 US is actually 37.5 European. Ahnu disagrees. Their size 7 is a 38 European, and somehow smaller than Vasque's 37.5

Waiting for the arrival of the Salomon boots in US size 6.5. Can't even guess what their European size will be.