Coming Up: More Hiking

It's 4am and I've given up going back to sleep. I managed jet lag so much better 10 years ago.

To pass the time I started researching hiking trails in Ireland. Yep, that's my next destination. And to think I was so reluctant to go hiking in Tasmania just a few weeks ago.

My hiking boots fell apart twice in Tassie, with strips of both soles coming unglued on the rocky trails. I patched them up with shoe glue but it became clear that if I'm going to continue hiking, I need to commit to new/better gear. RIP old hiking boots. I owned them for 10 years but probably wore them just 4-5 times.

Lesson learned (from the awesome guys at REI): hiking boots cannot be stored in the attic, or in the basement. They need to live in plastic shoe boxes with silica gel packets to keep moisture away. I'll be sure to do that with the new boots because the other lesson learned is that good boots are pretty expensive.