Tasmania Dream

Tassie was everything I dreamed of. Each of my three hiking visits to Mt Field fulfilled its promise: adorable wildlife and gorgeous waterfalls during the day; quiet and magic at night (no one else there!); and a complete change of scenery on my last hike. Instead of tropical vegetation and cute pademelons, I climbed the snow-covered trail to Lake Nicholls, a breathtaking sight.

Lessons learned:

*cashmere on top of a merino layer really is too much on a climb, I don't care how cold it is.

*tiny flashlight on a dark and isolated National Park doesn't win me awards for bravery. For stupidity, maybe.

*better gloves are a must before attempting another snow hike.

*must be done by 3:30pm, or it becomes a nocturnal hike.

Tasmania now rivals New Zealand for the largest piece of my heart. If that lottery ticket ever works out, I know exactly what to do with it.