Hotel, Apartment, or Both?

I posted before about business hotels being so devoid of character that I often wake up not being able to immediately identify where I am. Even the nicest, most luxurious hotels get pretty tedious after a few days, so when I am planning a long stay I consider apartments instead. For Brisbane, I was able to get the best of both worlds: the apartment hotel. I have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room. The extra space is welcome, of course, but the best part is feeling 'at home' - being able to cook, do laundry, and yet... not have to make the bed, or clean a thing. 

The view from my apartment is wonderful. There is a nice little park across the street, and off to the side is the Brisbane river and the bridge with its changing colors. The building is so tall I can spot it from almost anywhere in the city. Who needs Google maps? It is also downtown, which means everything I need is walking distance. The only downside: the building's metal/glass facade absorbs heat from the sun like nobody's business. By noon, the temperature in the living room is at least 20 degrees higher than outside. Shades have to be closed from late morning until the evening, because the air conditioner can't keep up.