Farewell Brisbane

I'm preparing to say goodbye to Brisbane after 2 weeks (onwards to Tasmania!). Lots of fun memories:

* holding a koala, being "butterfly-kissed" by a wallaby, and hand feeding the kangaroos (something I used to do when I lived in Sydney and had missed dearly)

* finding a Brazilian steakhouse out of the blue, and having a meal that tasted like childhood

* realizing that there's no such thing as underdressed here. Even at nice restaurants, jeans and t-shirt were perfectly fine

* always being able to locate my apartment, since the building is at least 20 stories higher than everything else

* visiting Eat Street, an open-air market with international food stalls selling everything from Turkish food to Chinese dumplings, to delicious churros. Also included - various musical performances sprinkled around the place

* guessing what colors the Brisbane bridge lights will be each night. They were blue the day I arrived, and have changed each night. They were purple two days ago, I'm guessing red tonight

* Stumbling across one of my favorite fast food joints in the world - Mos Burger from Japan. I had seen it around SE Asia, but it was a welcome surprise to find it in Brisbane - and right when I needed lunch

* visiting General McArthur's museum and learning about Brisbane's role in WWII

* catching myself speaking with an Australian accent. Happens every time!