It's a Wrap

Days on the Road: 12

Countries: 5

Flights: 9

Airlines: 4

Hotels: 5

WTF Moments:

* first flight (IAD-EWR) cancelled, forcing rebook of flights #1, #2 and #3 (IAD-EWR, EWR-BOM and BOM-DXB) to the following day

* the following day, second flight (BOM-DXB) was delayed due to the aircraft right in front of us in line to take off catching fire. EWR closed for two hours. From the plane, rebooked BOM-DXB a second time (new flight leaving at 4:30am) and booked transit hotel in BOM to crash for 4 hours before that flight.

* upon arrival in BOM, transit desk would not let me through without a paper ticket (eticket on my phone was not accepted). Had to wait standing at the desk for 2 hours until 2:30am, when Emirates counter opened and agent brought a paper ticket to the transit desk. At that point, no chance to rest at the transit hotel. No refund either.

* arrived in Dubai one day and 4 hours late. Emirates driver took me to the wrong hotel, delaying my arrival another 45 minutes. Stayed in the hotel for less than 3 hours before having to go back to the airport for the flight #4.

* flight #4 (DXB-BEY) was already on the runway preparing for takeoff when a medical emergency forced us to return to the gate. Medical team boarded the plane, and an hour later it's decided the passenger must be taken to the hospital. Another 1.5 hour delay deplaning the passenger, locating his/her luggage in cargo, and removing luggage from the plane.

* on Memorial Day, found out the bank had not - as requested - unblocked my ATM card for foreign use. Unable to get cash, and call center was closed because of the US holiday.

* had a 12-hour layover between flights #7 and #8, so booked a transit hotel in Dubai airport. Lost the room key.

* last flight arrived on time but jet bridge was broken, causing a 45-minute delay deplaning.

It's good to be home.