I'm an international business consultant and cross-cultural negotiator. As you might imagine, my life is filled with travel. By my calculations I've been to nearly 80 countries across all populated continents. I was born and raised in Brazil, went to graduate school in Australia, flirted with living in Canada and New Zealand, was days away from moving to Amsterdam, and instead ended up in the United States, near Washington, D.C.

I think it's funny when people ask if I travel "for business or pleasure". I don't make that distinction. Even on the most hectic business trips, there is always an opportunity to learn, to engage with a different culture, to gain new perspectives. I know it's hard to believe, but the joy of travel for me begins the moment I take my seat on the plane. 

When my passport is in the safe I calm my wanderlust by looking at the world map on the wall in my office. I think of the places I still want to visit, and remember my favorites. I love this quote from Tolkien: "Not all those who wander are lost", because that is exactly true for me. I wander because that's how I find myself.


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